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Money Plan SOS

The no-debt approach to living a full life in a country addicted to credit cards, car loans, and an unrealized bondage to “building a good credit score”.

This show will make you think differently about the way we handle money - while also encouraging you to save and spend wisely.

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Enjoy! And pay attention - not interest!

The Money Plan SOS podcast was retired in December 2015, the month Steve and his wife paid off their mortgage!

Nov 6, 2014

#169: Henry Rollins tells a debt free story.

In the episode titled “10 things you don’t know about the almighty dollar” he tells a debt free story about America. It appears that Andrew Jackson was the first and only President to pay off all of America’s debt. LOVE IT!

Listen to the episode for more about when America first got into debt 

Watch the episode here (some restrictions apply):


Also on today's episode:

Ignore these financial rules at your own risk

  • Live beneath your means
  • Do something smart with the difference
  • Have health insurance
  • Don’t waste time building a credit score
  • Shop for health insurance at


What would you do?

Spend $300 to repair a 1981 clothes dryer or spend $400 on a new one? 

Holla from the Impala: 

Double your chances to get a card stolen