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Money Plan SOS with Steve Stewart

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The show was retired in September 2015 and a new show, “No Debt, No Credit, No Problems”, released the day Steve and his wife paid off their mortgage!

Feb 21, 2014

Money can cause us to experience a large number of unnecessary anxieties. A number of things can help alleviate a majority of worries when it comes to money and finances.

In this episode I give you five ways to reduce financial stress and make you feel more powerful, confident, and in control:


  • Have $5,000 in the...

Feb 12, 2014

The sole benefit of Federal form Schedule A is to give us the opportunity to keep more of our hard-earned money. These are commonly referred to as “itemized deductions.” These are the tax deductions you want, and 3 you don’t. 

For the list as well as links to Federal tax forms visit 

Feb 6, 2014

MPSOS143 250x250What happens to my credit score after paying off debt? In this episode I share survey results that show debt-free people aren't worried about their credit score.

FICO says what's in your credit score

FICO says your credit score is based on the length of credit, new debt, the variety of debts, how much debt you owe,...